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Storm Water Products and Management

Ecology Control Industries is the largest storm water management company in the Western United States. We provide superior customer service and maintenance with experienced storm water personnel and certified fleet of specialized equipment, offering our customers means to stay a step ahead of government regulations regarding storm water pollution. Ecology Control Industries offers the one of the most diversified inventories of equipment with professional, confined-space-certified personnel at the helm of every project. 

Our storm water management services include catch basin screen installation for Surf Gate, Debris Dam and Catch-All storm water products. Our Portable Air/Mover Services will ensure your catch basin screens are clean of debris and trash. Sewer/Jetter services clean out any storm drain blockage and debris, while our Sewer Manhole Rehabilitation Services repair and reline deteriorating concrete manholes. 

Our services have been utilized by a variety of industries, including municipal infrastructure; amusement parks; commercial, residential and industrial development; government agencies and beyond.  

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